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Insomnia Files for this course

In this course, we use Insomnia to test our REST API as we develop it. It's a great tool, and relatively straightforward to use!

To make it easier for you, we've prepared a few files that you can import directly into your Insomnia app. Each section has its own file, and there's also a file which contains all sections.

Get the files

You can download the entire GitHub repository as a .zip file (see how here). Then, extract it and you'll be able to find the JSON files for Insomnia.

Per-section files (collections)

Every section where we change the API endpoints, we've prepared an Insomnia file you can import. To import the file, just go to your Insomnia project, click on the "Create" button, and select "Import from file".

Screenshot showing dropdown appears when clicking 'create' button, select import from file there

Then, find the appropriate file and you should see the request collection being created. Files are in each section folder where API changes were introduced, and they are named Insomnia_sectionX.json.

Screenshot showing instructor finding the JSON file to import

The Insomnia project should now show your new collection:

Screenshot showing the import succeeded and the collection appears

Clicking on it should let you access the requests, which may be inside folders.

Screenshot showing the collection open, with the Stores folder expanded and the 'Create store' endpoint selected

All-section file (project)

To import all sections at the same time, you can use the all-section file. It's in the docs/docs/ folder of the repository, and it's called Insomnia_all_sections.json.

To import it, follow the same process as before but using this file. It will create multiple request collections.

First, find the Insomnia_all_sections.json file when importing:

Screenshot showing the instructor finding the all-sections file when importing using Insomnia

This should import the request collections for all sections:

Screenshot showing the import succeeding, and request collections appear in Insomnia for every section where API changes were introduced

That's it! With this, you can either import sections individually, or all sections together to follow the entire course.

Now let's start with the course content!